In life everyone has their burdens to bear, whether that be through relationships, work, school, health... the list is endless. I hope my little friendship bracelets will be a perfect, free gift, that when you look at will remind you of strength, hope, faith, courage- or whatever it is that you are in need of most.



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Hi I'm Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time to look through my website! I have been making friendship bracelets for about eight years.

For an operation that I had to have a few years ago that I was scared for, I made myself a bracelet as a symbol of faith, and it really helped. I wore it in hospital, and it was a very hard time, but every time I looked down at my bracelet I was reminded to have faith that this time would pass and I could get through it. And I did.


It made me wonder whether if this simple bracelet was such a tangible reminder of hope for me, maybe it could be the same for other people too. 

I really want to help people, that's all I've ever wanted to do with my life, so this is my small way of trying to make a difference. I really hope that you will get yourself one of my bracelets, and that it will be of encouragement to you.

All the very best,

Jessica x



Bracelets for Broken is a non-profit organisation so we run entirely off donations! Want to get involved? Sponsor a bracelet for just £3.

"Mine reminds me to be the better version of myself"

"a reminder everyday that I'm not alone in this big world..."

"brought me a smile on a day I needed it"

"it's proof that I can do what I need to do and that somebody is always behind me"

"a reminder of the strength within myself"

"I felt hope for the future that I wouldn't be so sad"

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