Do you ship internationally?

We do our best to ship everywhere, provided we have been given a full address.

Can I request a colour?

You can mention a colour that you like in the 'favourite colour' section of the form. I can't absolutely guarantee you'll get this colour but I'll do my best. I may decide a different colour suits the word I give you better!

Can I ask for a bracelet for someone else as well?

Yes I've had a lot of requests that people have made for their friends or family members and that's absolutely fine. If you're asking one for one for someone else as well as yourself then that's fine, although I can only fit two bracelets into one envelope.

Are the bracelets machine washable?

Yes! You can put your bracelet into the washing machine and it will come out looking much cleaner, fresher and good as new!

I have one bracelet that I love. Could I order another one? I'd like to collect them!

The only occasion where I can send out more than one free bracelet per person is if it is lost in the post. Of course you may order more than one free one to give to family or a friend, but I can't allow individuals to collect them through the free part of the website as I simply can't afford it! These bracelets aren't just meant to be a fashion accessory, but a symbol of mindfulness. However, you can purchase as many extra bracelets through my shop (coming soon.)

I ordered my bracelet a few months ago. Have you sent it out yet?

At the moment it is taking me a few months to get each order out. I'm working towards speeding up this process as much as I can, but each order is very time consuming so please be patient. If you have any questions about your specific order, then please don't hesitate to contact me!

Can I wear my bracelet in the swimming pool?

Please don't wear your bracelet in the swimming pool as the chlorine in the water will discolour it and it will be left not looking pretty.

How can I contact you?

Through the form on this website, the Facebook page, the email address which is braceletsforbroken.outlook.com or on twitter @jessicathehill.

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